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Empirical Surveys


Empirical surveys can be a useful supplementary instrument in all phases of the life cycle of special property. Especially for the development and new positioning of commercial property, quantitative and qualitative surveys, e.g. in the form of pedestrian questionnaires and frequency counts have provided decisive information for future planning.

Timely identifying of useful results can avoid a bad building investment. The presentation of customer structures to be expected gives potential contractual partners a clearer picture of the respective location.

PCS Hamburg GmbH is your ideal partner for the preparation of quantitative and qualitative empirical surveys for the building sector. Just ask us!

Exampel: Old Head Post Office Center Hamburg

The old, former post office building, now a listed building, has been redeveloped and re-designed. In this context, formulation of a new structure of use for the lower levels was required. Decision data was required for further planning and retail leasing which took into consideration the specific circumstances of this location.

The client requested i.a. a more detailed frequency count and submission of further empirical data with the aid of an extensive pedestrian questionnaire. The result – a comprehensiveness analysis of the location.


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